What is involved?
WOSC’s committee will be happy to tell you in more detail about how you can become involved. There are lots of ways you can contribute and you can choose to give as much or as little time as you can spare. The good thing is you don’t need any experience to make a difference. Committee members are the charity trustees of WOSC and together we are responsible for the overall management and smooth-running of the club. The committee is the employer of staff in the Out of School Club so has overall responsibility for recruiting, training and developing staff, paying their salaries, and managing their contracts of employment. The committee also has responsibility for things like developing a business plan, managing the accounts and, working with staff, ensuring the setting follows health and safety, risk assessment, insurance and first aid guidance and procedures as well as working to deliver the highest standards of childcare provision as recognised by Ofsted.

The benefits
Volunteering for WOSC’s parent-run committee offers an ideal opportunity for you to become more actively and practically involved in this aspect of your child’s life. It will also make a real difference to how WOSC is managed. You will personally benefit from this experience by meeting with other parents, updating existing skills and learning new ones as well as putting something positive back into your local community.

What you can choose to do
A lot of the work committees do is fun – building new partnerships with other
parents and professionals, coming up with new fundraising ideas, getting exciting plans off the ground but there are some regular jobs too. The three main roles on the committee are Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, however, tasks can be shared between different parents so all the work need not fall on any one person.
We have added a short description of each of the current and proposed committee roles on this page. We also would like to start up a fundraising team to work alongside the committee to plan, coordinate and run fundraising events to raise money so that the club can buy new equipment and fund activities.

Whittlesford Out of School Club CIO is a registered charity, so committee members also become trustees of the charity. Because we are a childcare provider and registered with Ofsted, all committee members are required to complete a registration form for Ofsted and undergo an enhanced CRB check.

Shared responsibilities for all committee members:

  • Acting in the best interests of the charity; promoting its values and working to achieve its charitable objectives.
  • Working as part of a team with the other trustees; whilst bringing your own ideas, perspectives and experiences to the committee
  • Regularly attending committee meetings and contributing to the effective management of the charity.
  • Reading committee papers and contribute to the decision making process of the committee
  • Working with the Treasurer to set priorities for the budget.
  • Undertaking Ofsted suitability checks as required
  • Using safe recruitment procedures and work to Early Years Foundation Stage & Ofsted requirements to employ suitable staff.
  • Employing Managers to act as the person in charge of WOSC
  • Supporting the Managers to successfully manage the childcare provision
  • Supporting Managers to ensure that the Early Years Foundation Stage and Ofsted registration requirements are met.
  • Ensuring all committee members and staff have clearly identified roles and responsibilities.
  • Submitting the annual update, or annual return and accounts, to the Charity Commission.
  • Ensuring that the charity complies with the rules in its constitution, charity law, and other relevant regulations that govern the charity.

WOSC Committee roles and main responsibilities:

Chair & Ofsted nominated person

  • Liaises with school and governors representing committee, represents the club
  • Chairs meetings of the charity; including committee meetings, open and general meetings, such as the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Sets the agenda for meetings.
  • Co-ordinates the work of the committee to ensure effective administration.
  • Acts as the ‘Nominated Person’ for Ofsted purposes.
  • Line manages the Managers of the setting.
  • Supports other committee members and authorises the work of the treasurer.


  • Staff Payroll, PAYE, holiday, expenses
  • Ensures the committee are aware of the financial position of the charity, providing updates at committee meetings.
  • Ensures that the committee apply the charity’s resources exclusively in pursuance of its charitable objectives.
  • Presents accounts to the members at the AGM.
  • Manages the charity’s bank account, updating the list of signatories as necessary.
  • Prepares in advance an annual budget, as agreed by the committee, and to monitor it regularly.
  • Issue bills and receipts on behalf of the charity and ensure that all necessary payments are made promptly.
  • Ensures that the charity’s financial records are maintained accurately and updated on a timely basis.
  • To review and return any other financial reports as necessary.
  • Manages insurance and service membership fees


  • Responds punctually to all correspondence; keeping proper records.
  • Takes accurate minutes during meetings, type up and send out to all attendees in a timely manner.
  • Ensures all committee documentation is managed on Sharepoint for reference and for future committees
  • Supports all committee and staff members by ensuring the administrative function is efficient.
  • Coordinates generation of posters/communications to parents on behalf of the committee

IT systems and website

  • Manages the administration and ongoing visual development of the WOSC website
  • Manages the WOSC committee and club’s email and Sharepoint requirements
  • Manages OSCARS (attendance record and billing system), supporting the Treasurer
  • Identifies and proposes and implements improved IT tools for the committee/staff

Health and Safety

  • Supports WOSC managers in ensuring H&S standards maintained, with regular inspections and review of risk assessments
  • Works alongside managers to assess new equipment, establish replacement timelines, trip risk assessments etc
  • Ensures food hygiene training and requirements are met
  • Support managers in working with school to ensure the WOSC room and outdoor play areas are well maintained, and issues addressed.

Proposed additional roles for 2017-18 (however we would welcome any parents with any experience or skills that they can bring to the club)


  • Responsibility to ensure all staff have appropriate CRB checks
  • Coordinates, plans and is actively involved with recruitment, supporting the club managers in interviewing new staff
  • Supports managers to plan and manage staff development and training
  • Manages staff contracts and policies
  • Coordinates training for committee where appropriate


  • It is proposed to share the treasurer workload. Task and responsibility division would be agreed between Treasurer and co- Treasurer.

Fundraising team

As WOSC is a charity, we need to fundraise to buy new equipment, games and toys for the children to enjoy and learn with. We propose for this year that we start a fundraising team that work alongside the committee, but are not required to be a trustee of the club. The team would plan, propose to the committee and then coordinate and manage fundraising events over the school year. Many hands would make light work and if you can only give a little bit of your time to WOSC, we would love you to help.