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Breakfast/After School Club

Our Out of School Club is there to provide a safe and fun place for children either side of the school day – from 7.30am to 6pm. Both clubs run in our lovely new room, with a secure outdoor space for when the weather is fine.

Breakfast Club: 7.30 to 8.45am

Breakfast Club runs every morning term time from 7.30am until 8.45am.

The children have a range of activities to do every morning and are free to choose. We can provide quieter tables for homework, reading and colouring. At 8.45 the KS2 children head off round to the playground and we escort KS1 to the playground where a member of staff is on duty until school begins.


The children can have breakfast if they choose to, we offer a range of cereals, toast, crumpets, juice and milk.

After School Club: 3.20 to 5 or 6pm

After School Club runs every day during term time from 3.20 until 6pm: a fun, safe, caring and healthy after-school club where the children are offered a range of activities from craft to Lego.

We feel that it is important the children feel that after-school club is their own and they have a large input into what happens. On a daily basis they can choose what activities they would like out to play with, and on a larger scale we spend time finding out what the children would like to have in the club in the future, and what new equipment and activities they would like to try.

Every day we provide a planned activity that the children are able to participate in with us if they choose. There are always other activities and toys available for them.



We aim to provide a healthy and nutritious snack which is prepared by the children themselves alongside fruit which is available the whole time alongside fresh drinking water.


You can book Out of School Club as three separate elements: Breakfast Club (mornings);  After School Club (until 5pm); and After School Club (until 6pm).